Processes to Re-Mind & Re-Member

Processes to Re-Mind & Re-Member the Intimacy between our Bodily Awareness the Elemental World

Learn sensory awareness skills to facilitate deep connection with the elemental world through your senses & intuition in attunement to earth, water, fire & air.
  • These are specific sensory awareness skills that facilitate a deeper connection with the elemental world. We work with sense of vision, touch, auditory, taste, smell, proprioceptive and interoceptive sense, and intuition in attunement to earth, water, fire, and air.
  • Assists with deeper connection with Self and embodiment.
  • Strengthen Present Moment Sensory Awareness.
  • Deepens a felt sense of presencing and re-centering within the Here & Now.
  • Supports living in the present moment, clearing the mind of clutter & worry & bringing peace of mind.
  • Restores an awareness of our rightful place & connection within our world and cosmos.
  • Attune to and work in a collaborative healing relationship with the spirit of nature.

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