Embodied Witness Consciousness & Compassionate Higher Self

Transpersonal & Shamanic Psychotherapy & Counselling offers practices to strengthen or re-connect to both Witness Consciousness & the Compassionate Higher Self.

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Embodied Witness Consciousness is the aspect of our Self that is pure awareness of our moment-to-moment experiencing in our earthly embodiment. When we reside in this place there is suspension of any judgement, or analysis. We notice and receive what is, as a silent pervading Presence and observer.  There is no attachment to any outcome, there is no interpretation, just pure Presence and noticing.

Our Embodied Witness Consciousness is the aspect of us that is the interconnecting principle within and to a broader field of creative universal and spiritual consciousness.

Similar to Witness Consciousness, the Compassionate Higher Self is connected to the vast sea of aware universal and spiritual intelligence, the Divine Heart/Mind. However the Compassionate Higher Self differs slightly in that this aspect of Being embodies kindness, and a sincere compassion for self, and others. In the yogic tradition the Higher Self is located above the crown 7th chakra, residing in the 8th chakra having a dynamic power and being at the centre of awareness.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling is committed to Embodied Witness Consciousness, and the Compassionate Higher Self as the key qualities of Being at the heart of our self-healing and transformation. The Higher Self  and Witness Consciousness are at the depth centre of our awareness, capable of mastering and directing the ego mind, psychological processes and the body. The Higher Self and Witness Consciousness  are both simultaneously an individual and universal experience being interconnected to the broader field of cosmic and universal awareness.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling offers practices to strengthen, or re-connect to both Witness Consciousness, and the Compassionate Higher Self.