Ceremony & Rituals:

To Deepen & Anchor Empowerment & Healing

Specific ceremonies and rituals can be used by us to assist in peace of mind, well-being and healing. Ceremonies and rituals can also be personally designed.

Shamanic cultures as did the great psychoanalyst and psychiatrist Carl Jung state that ceremony and ritual are a sacred symbolic body-centered way to set up an important communication between our conscious and unconscious mind, and connection to the wider natural & spiritual environment. Ritual and ceremony carries us beyond our analytical ego, and allows us to commune within the vast sea of universal consciousness and the unconscious terrain. When centered within and from the heart, ceremony and rituals are a way to deepen the connection with the natural spiritual and psychological healing resources available to us.

Further, when they are created with a pure conscious healing intention they are a very practical and powerful way of directing healing information to the unconscious mind. It is the unconscious mind that governs our core beliefs, attitudes, our health, and responses to the world, and it is here that ritual and ceremony can deepen positive desired change in your life. Here we have a power to facilitate understanding, growth, and deep healing transformation.

All ceremonies and rituals are personally designed to meet your specific needs for peace of mind, wellbeing and self healing.

Contact Christina on 0422 648 243 via text, or email:  christina.manfredi@iinet.net.au