Feminine Wisdom Ways

Feminine Wisdom Ways
Reconnecting & Restoring the Sacred Feminine
Women's Personal Empowerment

Feminine Wisdom Ways Services are dedicated to Women seeking to restore, nourish & cherish the innate Feminine Principle & Women’s Wisdom emerging from within.

Feminine Wisdom Ways Services are dedicated to Women seeking to restore, nourish, and cherish the innate Feminine Principle and Women’s Wisdom emerging from within. These services are committed to honoring the full diversity of humanity. Feminine Wisdom Ways is not an issue of gender, rather it is a living principle essence of a certain orientation to life that exists both in women and men. In doing so the sacred masculine is not denied but acknowledged and embraced in the spirit of restoring rightful balance.

The primary focus of Feminine Wisdom Ways is to engender conscious and practical pathways of life affirming Women’s Empowerment and Healing.

It is a great task for the vast majority of us to become conscious of, and liberated from life long patterns of disempowerment. This often requires support and courage to wake-up and face the truth of our inner most Self.

Women have been encouraged and sometimes forced to surrender their personal authority and vital life force to ways of Being that are informed by how we think we ‘should’ live and  be, who we are told we ‘are’, as a result of trauma, loss,  shame, and diminishing childhood stories that are imprinted within, or merely due to the complex and demanding situations of our lives as family members, working women, mothers, and partners. For some of us we have become so separated from our essential core and truth that we feel disorientated in our own lives, uncertain about our needs, and a lack of confidence in what we are truly capable of creating.

There was a time when our female ancestors across all lands knew and nourished the truth of who we  are and the capacity we have to create in all forms. Along the thread of history Her (our female ancestors) story and truth was denied, suppressed, and disconnected.  As such we have implicitly carried the burdens of hidden and unfiltered patterns of disempowerment of our ancestors where women’s personal authority, power and wisdom has been suppressed or disowned.  So often we have lived a life of fear, fear of life itself, of loss, of abandonment, fear of stillness, and emptiness, fear of losing control, fear of our bodies, of our vulnerabilities and feelings of unworthiness, and the ultimate fear of the vast and unknown depth of our wisdom and power. Sometimes these feelings make little immediate sense in the context of our current lives. This is because we carry both our immediate life time’s unhealed feelings, thoughts, images, and sensations within our bodies and also those of our ancestors. The story of our ancestral evolution and our own immediate lives live within the very tissue, blood, bones, muscles, organs, and fluids of our body. This is our somatic archeology of lived and living experience.

We have developed sophisticated strategies of avoiding these fears but this has only resulted in a further separation from our sacred feminine essence, our woman knowing, core truth, and light. The empowered change and healing that we so long for occurs when we re-connect with our feminine essence and live life emanating from our sacred center, our core self. The first step is to realize and trust that we women perceive life and truth with our whole body as Being  not solely our intellectual mind. Hence the first step is as Adrienne Rich stated, to trust the corporeal ground of our intelligence; to accept what is already present as truth within our whole Being. At a deeper level this is about trusting that our body in its innate wisdom knows its own way back to wholeness.  We can then move within the vast intelligence of our bodies, to get back in-touch with our whole perceptual visceral Being, our interoceptive attunement, our Body-Sense, the feelings, beliefs, memories, & images that live inside our bodies. When we accept that our body is a wise communicating organism and  we make a choice to put aside all distractions to listen, we can then  locate our feminine truth that lives within our central core as a seed of remembrance. Locating our truth, the center of gravity within our core we stand softly yet firmly located between earth and heaven in this world. From this place we can be guided by the sea of conscious energy that lives and travels within the apparent unknown spaces, revealing our deeper wisdom, intuition, vision and personal power. This is precisely the wisdom that our female ancestors once cherished before the time of forgetting & disconnection happened.

The is no better time than Now, this Moment,  to take the ultimate risk to, re-member, reconnect and restore the truth of your knowing, your wisdom, love and power – your body sense. With professional support, safety and confidentiality  you are offered an invitation to enter into your greater wholeness, vitality and light.

Feminine Wisdom Ways assists Women with the practical empowering strategies to face our fears and uncertainties and to reclaim the depth of our unlimited feminine wisdom, strength, power and love that lives within.

Why wait any longer for the understanding and acceptance
That you so long for
We spend most of our lives looking outside of ourselves
For the wisdom and authority to heal & guide our lives.
There is no better time than now
To come Home to ourselves,
To re-connect with the Source of Knowing
To re-store our Sacred Feminine Wisdom
We can do this for ourselves, for those we love,
And for the next generations.
The choice and response-ability for healing & transformation
Rests with Us

– Christina Manfredi (2008)
‘Feminine Wisdom Ways’ is Copyright

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