About Christina

About Christina Manfredi

Christina Manfredi - Transpersonal & Shamanic Psychotherapy & Counselling Perth

My interest in transpersonal psychology, spiritual psychology, consciousness, shamanism and diverse approaches to psychological body-mind health and wellbeing arose out of my childhood background and experiences. I grew up in an large extended Mediterranean family that believed in the healing capacity of nature and spiritual healing. Whilst we as a family adopted and appreciated conventional western medical approaches to health, these were always integrated within a more ancient way to wellbeing. This integration was highly complimentary.

As a child I have experienced non ordinary states  of consciousness from what could be defined as ‘ordinary ego 3 dimensional states of consciousness’ and I became aware of a potent life force, a conscious Presence that existed beyond yet within my physical body that somehow could effect healing and peace.  This ‘life force’/conscious Presence I noted had a qualitative feel of expanded and extended presence and living creative Love that pervaded all of life with vitality. I could feel this presence all around seemly animating every living thing, tree, flower, grass, earth, water, air, sky, and each person I came into contact with. Whilst I felt myself to be strange in some way back then I now realise that this is a common experience that most people keep private for concern that they will be regarded as odd, overly sensitive and imaginative and thereby not taken seriously. Looking back now I realise how strange it is for me to identify theses ‘states’ as non ordinary. For me like so many others these ‘states’ are natural seemly quite normal to the wholeness of existence.

Prior to arriving in Australia I travelled and lived in different places in the world over a period of several years. This allowed me an insight and appreciation into how different cultures approach the healing of human distress, and create a sense of meaning, connectedness, belonging, and health. I became aware of how many cultures include and respect the importance of spirit and soul in the healing process, involving also what appeared to be the mystical, mythical, living prayer, clairvoyant, psychic, energetic and intuitive. Much of this is now starting to be reflected in Western neuroscience as a right brain and whole brain nervous system experience.

Throughout my conventional western professional trainings I remained fascinated by how little mention or understanding there appeared to be of what falls outside of the western “objective” scientific paradigm, and consequently ancient healing methodologies. It was always clear to me that whilst my university training was very valuable and rigours and very much orientated towards a left brain empirical approach, it mostly lacked and treated with suspicion the insights and wisdoms of time honored ancient traditions to healing. What could not be “objectively” measured, quantified, and proven by science such as intuition, psychic experiences, healing prayer, was regarded as non-empirical based upon unprovable assumptions, and irrational practice. At one level all seemingly metaphysical energetic phenomena, transpersonal and shamanic healing practices were “thrown out with the bath water” and ridiculed. During these times I found some spiritual and intellectual solace in the works of Stanislav Grof, Carl Jung, Charles Tart, Aldou Huxley, Ervin Laszlo and many others.

Things are changing. We now live in a transformative and healing time that offers many possibilities. The power and potency of our choices and actions determine our destinies not only as individuals but as a global community and species on our precious earth. Research within the Western scientific community is now acknowledging what ancient traditions have always known: that whilst there is great value in striving for an apparent “objective” science this can not be done at the expense and denial of a first person science such as meditation, healing prayer, intuition, connectedness, transpersonal and shamanic healing practices. We are in great need of a scientific approach that acknowledges human distress not solely as the result of chemical imbalances in our brain but can listen, understand, discern and integrate the mysterious yet ordinarily common movements of the embodied soul. We human beings are a remarkable sacred technology of body consciousness and manifestation living embedded within an interconnected cosmic energetic web of life.

The integration of a transpersonal approach, subtle energetic shamanic skills, resources and practice with western science and health care is a respectful way to begin to restore the complimentary balance of differing healing systems. It is a way of inviting what western science would regard as an integrated right-left whole brain and whole person approach to healing. It is also one way of returning to the original meaning and endeavours of psychotherapy and psychology: the science and healing of the soul. As such there is an acknowledgement and inclusiveness of our human sensitive capacities that speaks to the fuller truth and acceptance of what we are truly capable of.  And finally it is also one way in which to contribute to the values of the Earth Charter and it’s salient statement: “Let ours be a time remembered for awakening a new reverence for life” (wwww.earthcharterinaction.org).

Whilst I have worked as a professional clinical psychotherapist and psychological counsellor for many years this integration of contemporary  shamanic energetic understanding and practices, with current transpersonal approaches, psychological, neuroscience, mindbody psychotherapeutic, and consciousness research is the accumulation of my life’s vocation and passion in the service of Spirit of Life.

Please note that I do not claim to be a shaman or healer in any regard. I identify myself as a trained and  informed transpersonal and shamanic psychotherapist who has experienced her own radical psychospritual embodied healing journey.  The power for our healing resides within ourselves and our connection with the Spirit of Life, the eternal Conscious Living Presence. My commitment is to integrating transpersonal and shamanic understanding, practices, and principles within clinical psychotherapy and a psychological framework. This is what I make available as a facilitation in the service of Your inner healer. 

All truth passes through 3 stages,
First it is ridiculed
Second, it is violently opposed
Third, it is accepted as self evident

– Arthur Schopenhauer

Professional Qualifications

  • Clinical Psychotherapist
  • Psychological Counsellor AMHSW
  • Clinical Mental Health Social Work
  • Gestalt & Existential Psychotherapist
  • Transpersonal Psychotherapist
  • Somatic Experiencing Therapist

Under Graduate Trainings

  • Psychology
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Clinical Social Work

Post Graduate Trainings

  • Science of Consciousness & Transpersonal Psychology
  • Diploma of Transpersonal Psychology
  • Gestalt Psychotherapist
  • Sensorimotor Trauma Psychotherapist: Level 1
  • Somatic Experiencing Psychotherapist (3 year training)
  • CRM Therapist: Advanced Level
  • Metaphysical Science Practitioner
  • Yoga & Qigong Practitioner

Shamanic Psychotherapeutic Trainings

  • Shamanic Practice: Diploma Level (Dr R. Locke)
  • Advanced Shamanic Practice (Dr R. Locke)
  • The Way Of The Shaman: (The Foundation for Shamanic Studies)
  • Advanced Shamanic Training: (The Foundation For Shamanic Studies)
  • Advanced Soul Retrieval Training: (Unfolding: Australia)
  • Healing The Dark Side: Healing Sorcery and the Shadow Side of the Unconscious
  • European Shaman Woman: (Research & training with traditional European healers)
  • Shamanism As Cross-Cultural Healing Practice: (Undergraduate Degree Training: Anthropology:  UWA)
  • Metaphysical Science Practitioner
  • Hypnotherapy Certification
  • Mediumship Training (Rose Owen)

Professional Membership & Registration

  • Registered Clinical Member of the Australian Association of Social Worker
  • Gestalt Psychotherapist: Recommended therapist for the Gestalt Institute of WA trainees
  • Registered Clinical MAASW Supervisor
  • Registered Psychological Counsellor
  • Accredited Member of Sensorimotor Trauma Psychotherapy (Level 1)
  • Full Somatic Experiencing 3 year Training: Dr Peter Levine
  • Member of the Association of Transpersonal Psychology
  • Member of the Complimentary Medical Association UK
  • Member of Foundation of Shamanic Studies

My Professional Background

I am a registered Clinical Psychotherapist trained in conventional Psychology, and Spiritual Psychology, Professional Counselling, Transpersonal Psychology & Science of  Consciousness, and Shamanic Practices. Please visit my clinical website for further information regarding clinical services at www.fremantlecounselling.com.au

I have been working as a counsellor and clinical and transpersonal/spiritual psychotherapist in the mental health, relationship, sexual health, and human potential field for 30 years. During this time I have worked in many diverse professional settings. This has provided me with a rich and solid breath of experience in working with individuals, couples, and groups in the areas of:

  • Depression, Anxiety
  • Attachment Processes
  • Trauma (physical, psychological, sexual assault/abuse, existential & spiritual trauma)
  • Self traumatisation (what we do to ourselves via our unhelpful or harmful self talk and behaviours)
  • Dissociation
  • Ego States
  • Loss of Purpose, Vision & Direction
  • Transgenerational/Ancestral Patterns
  • Grief
  • Women’s Empowerment, Health, & Sexuality
  • Spiritual, & Religious Concerns
  • Near Death Experiences
  • Spiritual Transformative Experiences
  • Non Ordinary States of Consciousness
  • Out of Body Experiences
  • Dream Therapy
  • Safe and Professional Support & Integration of Plant Medicine Experiences
  • Psychology of the Soul
  • Hearing Voices
  • Seeing Visions
  • Loss of Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Relationship, Intimacy, & Sexual Difficulties
  • Sexual Health & Fertility Concerns
  • Unplanned Pregnancy & Pregnancy Loss
  • Antenatal, Postnatal, & Attachment Issues
  • Chronic Health Conditions
  • Family Challenges
  • Cultural Concerns & Adjustment to Change
  • Feelings of Emptiness, & Loss of Hope
  • Work & General Stress


I have also trained, managed and supervised individual therapists and groups within government community organisations and in private practice.

It is my  privilege to support and guide you in a journey of authentic empowerment, peace of mind and self acceptance, and the creative manifestation of your personal power & dreams.

*Please note that within my commissioned work for providing services under Medicare Australia, Transpersonal and Shamanic Psychotherapy & Counselling services are not covered by any Medicare rebate. Purely clinical therapy is covered by Medicare rebate and these services can be reviewed at www.fremantlecounselling.com.au

Contact Christina on 0422 648 243 via text, or email:  christina.manfredi@iinet.net.au