Shadow Work: Clearing Negative Energy, Sorcery & Possessional States

Energy Release & Negative Intent Clearing liberates you from negative experiences & emotions from contact with a person, event, place or psychological disruption.

The clearing or integration of Negative Energy and Negative Intent, Perpetrator States, Sorcery, and Possessional States  is an empowering Shadow Work process.  We arrive into this world with a blueprint, whether we call that DNA, genetics, or spiritual blue print. We bring unresolved experiences of our own soul journey and that of our ancestors. Once in this world we are like open sponges, deeply absorbing the attitudes of our caregivers, and our environment. Not all that we arrive with, or then subsequently absorb or that which intrudes upon our psyche is for our highest good. The process of healing involves an acuity of discernment of what it is that has been ingested, absorbed or projected into us, whether this energy is life giving and therefore can be integrated into a greater sense of wholeness of the self, or whether in fact the introjected-absorbed energy is acting like an environmental pathogen that is attempting to corrupt and colonise our authentic sovereignty. In this regard that which does not serve us and is ‘a foreign body’ or ‘other within’ needs to be externalised and dissolved unto the Light/God/Spirit.

In Shamanism we consider that nothing that resides in the shadow has a power of its own. The shadow only has power when it remains disowned from awareness and choice, projected onto others, and fed by fear and need for power over others. When we consider the concept of ‘evil’, and perpetrator states, shamanism regards that these experiences only lives within the hearts of woman and man and the collective unconscious of humanity.  Evil, perpetrator states and  sorcery do not exist as independent forces in the benign universe. They are constellations of energy that are culturally and socially constructed that we feed through fear, greed and need for power over others. They exists purely because the heart-mind, and the collective unconscious of humanity’s projections have been distorted from the true knowing that we all are One and that there is enough to share.  When an individual or the cultural ego becomes obsessed or possessed with power, colonisation of another’s sovereign right to exist, greed, envy (a emotion based on the law of limited good), revenge, and unresolved wounding, this all has dire implications for each and everyone of us and the world we live in.

The phenomena of sorcery, evil, perpetrator states, and ‘possessional states’ in Shadow Work invites us to question and become aware of  what aspects/parts of ourselves or other energies that have been ingested that are not of our sovereign self are actually directing our lives. The question is also whom do these aspect/parts/ingested energies serve. Ultimately the healing of these phenomena result in a compassionate de-possession that can be firm and fierce at times, the integration only of that which can service our highest good, and the alignment to our True Core Self-Essence. Our sovereign Self.

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