Shadow Work: Clearing Negative Energy and Intent

Clearing Negative Energy and Intent

Energy Release & Negative Intent Clearing liberates you from negative experiences & emotions from contact with a person, event, place or psychological disruption.

The clearing of Negative Energy and Intent  is an empowering Shadow Work process when we have internalised thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that are not in our highest good. We arrive into this world with a blueprint, wether we call that DNA, genetics, or spiritual blue print. We bring unresolved experiences of our own soul journey and that of our ancestors. Once in this world we are like open sponges, deeply intro-jecting the attitudes of our caregivers, and our environment. Not all that we arrive with, or then subsequently introject is for our highest good.

This is a process of deep discernment of what we need to clean up, release, so that only that which truely serves our highest good and authenticity occupies our being. It involves a rigours process of releasing not only that which has intruded within our psychic field but also bringing ownership and healing to our personal shadow and the awareness of the role of the collective unconscious.

This is the healing therapy of Shadow Work, clearing curses, and clearing sorcery, owning our unconscious projections. In Shamanism we consider that nothing that hides in the shadow has a power of its own. The shadow only has power when it remains disowned from consciousness, projected onto others, and fed by fear. When we consider the concept of ‘evil’, shamanism regards that this experience only lives within the hearts of woman and man and the collective unconscious of humanity.  ‘Evil’ does not exist has an independent force in the benign universe, it is a constellation of energy that we feed through fear. It exists purely because the heart and the collective unconscious of humanity’s projections have been distorted from the true knowing that we all are One, what happens to the ‘one’ because of power, greed and unresolved has implications for the Web of Life and seeks to dimmish it’s Light.

  • Liberate yourself from negative experiences and frozen emotions related to contact with a specific person, event, place, or psychological disruption.
  • Clear & cancel out the energy of any ill-will that as been intentioned to you, or your ancestral line. Recognise, release and heal the Introjected ill intent.
  • Recognise sorcery, predatory and dark energies that seek to consume or subjugate your sovereign personal power and truth.
  • Develop skills and boundary practices in compassionate protection for your body, psyche/soul.
  • Recognise your own personal shadow in action. Own it, heal it, and move further into authentic healing power for yourself and Life.
  • Clear your environment and home of any negative or unhelpful memories and energies.
  • Welcome in the nurturing and supportive energies of love, holding, safety, clarity, and peace. Cultivate the sacred into the profane.

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