TPC Approach

Transpersonal Psychotherapeutic Approach

Beyond right and wrong
There is a field
I meet you there.

– Rumi

I provide a holistic safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment where you can begin to explore your concerns, and desire for wellbeing, empowerment, re-connection, belonging, love, and self acceptance and creation.

The primary formal therapeutic models incorporated into the facilitation that I offer include: Transpersonal  & Spiritual Psychology, Consciousness Studies, Gestalt & Existential Therapy, Jungian Therapy, Metaphysical Science Studies, Somatic Experiencing, and Shamanic Psychology.

I believe in the healing capacity of the universal source that is the vast sea of consciousness and Living Presence, the field of energy of which we are a part of and lives within us; the human soul and  spirit, relationship, nature, and the capacity of our full body awareness and choice to create our lives.  I consider that we as human beings have a physical, emotional, intuitive, thinking, sexual, relational and soulful and spiritual nature and that we exist within a broader interconnected web of life that includes the health & vitality of our precious earth.

My commitment is to facilitate an environment where you can listen to the inner speakings of your heart and soul, the wisdom of your body and to welcome the truth of your experience and personal vision with integrity.

You can come to have value and regard for yourself through your own eyes rather than through the eyes of others, and develop a deeper self acceptance and understanding of yourself. You can also come to trust your instinctual and intuitive nature of body, mind, emotion, soul, and spirit and the natural world. From this place you can move into the world manifesting your authentic voice, intention, and action in creating the life you desire for yourself and the next generations.

In this regard the therapy and inner healing that is offered is not one where I as a therapist and transpersonal therapist or shamanic practitioner “do” anything to create this healing. Rather the primary and strong intention is where I offer a facilitation of presence that encourages and brings support to your own healing via the invitation of time appropriate embodied transpersonal psychotherapeutic skills and resources. 

Whilst we may all sometimes need help and direction from another, healing is actually an ‘inside’ subjective resourcing experience in connection with the Spirit of Life.  Every cell in our body holds an intelligence and magnificent orientation towards healing, we just need to re-member how to allow and trust the instinctual intuitive direction and ultimate source of that healing.

The healing power lives within you and around you.

Upon meeting we will discuss and discern the core factors involved in your distress, your needs, and your specific desire for change. We will identify precisely what is limiting you from accepting yourself,  from attaining your heart’s desire or  living a fulfilling, connected and meaningful life. What ever it is you have or are experiencing your spiritual, energetic and psychological experiences will be treated with respect. The diagnostic approach encompasses a thorough spiritual-psychosocial assessment. In order to do this I employ assessment tools drawn from Clinical Practice combined with the principles and skills of Transpersonal and Shamanic Practice. 

Once a detailed assessment has been formulated we will draw from an integrated combination of skills and resources to best meet your needs and desire for change. These skills and resources may include any of the Clinical & Transpersonal Shamanic Therapies that I have trained in. This would be discussed in detail with you and collaboratively a choice will be made as to how you wish to proceed for your highest good and intention. 

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Dreams pass into the reality of action.
From the actions stems the dream again,
And this interdependence produces the highest form of Living.

– Anais Nin

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