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What is Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling?

Transpersonal and Shamanic Psychotherapy & Counselling Perth is a practical integration of contemporary scientific and ancient therapeutic healing modalities.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling is a practical integration of contemporary scientific and ancient therapeutic self-healing modalities that draws upon findings in transpersonal, spiritual and conventional psychology, psychotherapy, existentialism, consciousness, and interpersonal neuro-psychological/biological and nervous system research, body-mind health care practices, and shamanic spiritual wisdom.

This is an approach where contemporary research methods are nourished by ancient roots.  Services are offered to support recovery and healing from anxiety, depression, trauma, and distress. Services are also offered for individuals seeking deeper personal exploration of the continuum of the extensive realms of awareness, and the conscious creation of one’s life arising from the resources located within these realms, the eternal source of all life, Conscious Living Presence.

At heart, Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling is a Field and Non-local Consciousness model of practice that speaks to the truth of the multidimensional aspects of our Being and connection with our soul, spirit/Spirit.

The central focus of Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling is the empowerment through awareness of our interconnected relational wholeness, truth, and the freedom and responsibility to be our authentic self. It is ultimately about living a meaningful life fully and choicefully, liberated from conditioned ways of being that in the past have only served to restrict the deeper truth of who we are. Of course, a path of radical authenticity can be challenging as it calls for each one of us to be responsible for the life with are co-creating.

The approach to wholeness that Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling offers challenges the traditional thinking and treatments that suggest that a person is a separate entity from their environment.  Rather a person is regarded as an interactive and interdependent multidimensional Being within a broader environment connected to the web of life. From this perspective the experiences of others, the world, and ourselves are regarded as arising from a connecting process of Being in-relationship with ourselves, each other,  connected to our ancestral roots, within a sense of place, and within our natural environment and our relationship within the wider conscious creative cosmos.

Traditionally psychological and counselling psychotherapeutic practices have focused on the health and wellbeing of the brain, cognition, emotions, and seldom at times the connection to the body or soul and spirit. In fact traditional Western psychological training and research tends to value treatment of cognitions at the expense of a person’s holistic experience. Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling however brings attention to the health and wellbeing and inter-relationship wholeness of spirit, soul/psyche, mind (conscious & subconscious), cognition, emotions, dreaming, body, relationship (the apparent invisible in-betweenness), non ordinary states of consciousness, community and the natural environment, and cosmos. A central key for this therapy is an acknowledgement that there is a creative living movement and conscious presence within the cosmos that permeates all of Life. This creative living movement also lives within us. Some may refer to this creative living movement as Spirit, Mystery, Light, God/Goddess, Tao,  Universal Energy, Source, The Dreaming Field,  Creative Void, Consciousness, or Interactive and Interconnected Chemical Compounds that carry information. It is in knowing how to further access, relate to, and respect this inner creative energy of this Spirit,  Universal Energy (or however each of us may choose to refer to this creative movement) that allows for the possibility of deeper self-healing.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling in its holistic focus is an empowering down-to-earth and practical resourcing approach that grounds and embodies the mystical and spiritual in accessible skills for wellbeing and healing. Therapy is grounded and embodied in the Here & Now whilst remaining open to the expanded broader knowing field, beyond time and space as science identifies it into the differing realms of awareness. It is in accessing any part of the ‘knowing’ field that we can create a more resourced healing experience. We certainly now have sufficient research that suggests non ordinary states of consciousness offer the possibility of deep healing. Whilst non of us are immune to the difficulties and tragedies that can happen in life we each need to take responsibility in becoming active participants in our own healing. Each and every one of us can affect healing within ourselves and within our world when open to the possibilities of our expanded awareness, creative intention, our compassion, our connection with each other, and the fuller resources within and around us and our connection to the Source-God/Goddess-Mystery-Light-Field of Consciousness.  The realization and ownership of the power and potency of our choices in creating our lives and destiny is remarkable.

Another key feature of Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling is the commitment to assisting you in developing spirituality as a deeper process of self-acceptance, personal meaning, and an authentic sense of expression of personal power and freedom, alongside an awareness of the transcendence of a pure ego identity. Authentic personal power and freedom involves enhancing our skills of embodied awareness, our body sense, and the realization that we have the capacity to choose our creative responses to the world. Personal power has nothing to do with misusing power over others. Completely the contrary. Rather our heightened skills of embodied awareness allow us the freedom to stay connected to ourselves and aware of the impact of our choices upon our own lives, and those of others. Personal power is a quality of attentive Presence with a wise compassion, an immediacy of the here & now, with a capacity of receptivity, responsiveness, clear boundary, conscious intention and action.

It is when we come to an acceptance of our deeper authenticity and All that we already are within our multi-dimentional resourceful nature and a re-membering that we are Love and One with all of creation that we deepen into the reservoir of healing possibilities and each other.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling facilitates the practical skills and resources that can assist you in accessing your authenticity,  personal power and self-healing.  You can be (and actually you are) the compassionate creative healing force in your own life which in turn reverberates through to the lives of others, the next generations, and our planet…The possibilities and gifts are already and all live within and all around. More than ever Life calls upon us to take response-ability for the life we are creating and that which we leave as a legacy to the future generations and the survival of our planet.

“The Gifts Are Already”

Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling is available for individuals, couples, and groups

And the day came when the risk that it took to Bud
Was more painful than the risk it took to Blossom

– Anais Nin

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